Wednesday, April 9, 2014

10042014 OOTD- keep working hard!

Hype this look here 
top - taobao | short - bkk | military jacket - bkk | shoes - Xti |
  bag - Emoda quilted chain bag |Accessories - Lovisa.au 

love the midi rings set so much from Lovisa @Klcc !
it was on sales rm7 only ! mad love.

 just realize that i should have holding the sling bag instead of hanging around lol

last pair of xti sneaker in my size. grabbed it home without second thought hehe

I was looking for a military jacket for a long time!love how easy military prints go with simple colors and it gives an edgy look ! those i found were either too thick(winter jacket) or way too 'military' . *if you get what i mean lol* this jacket from bkk is just nice with jewels on it and it is Cheap! 

" The weather is changing fast ! " it is rainy season now where the terribly hot sun hazy days was just few weeks back? Jacket turns out to be super important recently as the rainy days make classrooms' air conditioner super powerful and i thought i was going to frozen sitting there.  #theonlytimefeelingcoldinmalaysia

"Mock test down. Final to go. 22 days . "

Thursday, March 27, 2014

27032014 [sponsor] Kose beauty workshop - the recipe of translucent skin!♥ + GIVEAWAY !

aww i am so happy to do this post because...
FINALLY have the chance to try out the Kose Sekkisei lotion mask ! 

it has been on my wishlist for a long time since high school!
(throwback the first time i read VIVI/Popteen....feeling so old lol) 
 their best seller lotion mask has always been rated as the no.1 whitening mask in Japan !

god knows how manyyyy whitening product are available in Japan!
there must be some reason why it deserves the crown as BEST among others !

Let's get started ! 
step 1 : cleansing 
it is SUPERB important to have a Clean face before you apply any skincare product !
make sure to remove the foundation/BB cream/Sunblock and etc. to prevent clogged pores!
cleansing cream is perfect to remove daily light make up ! 
even if you have sensitive skin,cleansing cream suits you well as it does not irritate the skin.
It also lower the chance of getting a breakout as it is not THAT Oily ! 

Take a cherry-sized cleansing cream and place it on your palm. Then massage as illustrated in the pic below ~~ =)

massage patiently as it will determine how clean your face will be !
(pardon my fringe-less forehead...aiks..have i said that fringe is part of my life? LOL)
* i remove only the face make up because i have round 2 after that haha*
take a tissue,put it over the face to absorb any excessive oil

and then rub them off carefully
*Do not rub it off harshly as it might sensitized your skin!!*

wash the face over again using facial cleanser/water so that 0 make up will be left on face ! 

step 2 : toner / lotion / mask 
here comes the magical Sekkisei Lotion Mask! 

step 1 : pour the lotion into the cap until it reaches the Line.
step 2 : put the capsule paper mask into it
step 3 : wait until the lotion is fully absorbed by paper mask! (it will puff up !) 
tadaa leave it on face for 5-10 minutes !~
**DO NOT leave it on for > 10 minutes ! it will have a reverse effect! **
(which means...the mask will re-absorb water from your skin after the mask has dried off )

 Benefits of Lotion Mask 
- Translucency 
- Penetration 
- Moisturizing 
- Zero Pores 
- Whitening 
- Smoothing 
- Firming 
- Relaxing 
- Evenness

~skin is so refreshing after the mask ~ 
~ bright & translucent ~ 
~ instantly boost up with water!~
~ gives a very dewy yet non-sticky look =) ~

Feel  that DEWY& TRANSLUCENT !! 

what makes it so Amazing ?!!
it contains items carefully selected out of approximately 100 types of oriental plants.
(from left to right.)
 Coix seed extract(薏苡仁提取液- increased metabolism whitening, moisturization and prevention of skin roughness. 
Angelica extrac(当归萃取液)- disinfectant, whitening and moisturising effects.
 Melothria extract(茅瓜) - suppress melanin production has whitening effect on the skin. 

step 3: Moisturize by Sekkisei Emulsion 
*sorry for the low resolution pic =( *
super moisture & non-greasy !! DEEP love with this !!

pic telling how i feel like after all these steps HAHAHAHA ! ╮(╯◇╰)╭
*blossom blossom*

step 4 : as light as SNOW bb cream & loose powder ! 

is the magic effect of lotion mask or the BB cream working too well ? *no filter*
i applied only 1/4 of amount of what i usually use on my face when using their BB cream! 
 WITHOUT any concealer at all !~

It must be the Sekkisei Whitening Mask lighten my scars i guess!
(i was never able to cover my acne scars by only 1 layer base!) o(〒﹏〒)o

If you’re looking into trying this product, the SEKKISEI Lotion is now available at all KOSE counters at these prices.
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml – RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml – RM260  
Good news ! 

Kose are now having promotion(roadshow) at Mid Valley !

date : 17-23th march 2014

venue : Aeon North Court, Ground Floor, Mid Valley ~

Visit them now and grab all the lotion mask on rack ~! and... OPPS !
you might be the SEKKISEI cinderella !!╭(′▽`)╯
 ^ click to find out more ! 
Did I mention that the winner will win herself a sponsored trip to Japan in 2015 for Sekkisei 30th anniversary party, 1 year supply of Sekkisei products, cover girl for magazine, and RM15, 000 cash prize too ??  *Eyes rolled big*

fluttered ? 

submit your entry now  
date line :  12th April 

you could be the SEKKISEI Cinderella ! 

----wait ! ----
i hear you .
louder ...please ?
****GIVEAWAY ! ****
How to win these incredible mask pack?
Follow me on Instagram @eivinying
Answer these questions
1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?

2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

Comment below with your Answers, Name, Email, Instagram name
Contest ends: 17th April 2014, 11.59pm.
*NOTE: There’s 34 Pocket Masks to giveaway to 17 of lucky readers ! (random selection)

winners will be inform via email !
good luck everyone :)

thanks Nuffnang &Kose for giving me an opportunity to experience the Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask !
full details of review coming up =)

Monday, March 17, 2014

[BKK_14] 曼谷必访 Beauty Cottage泰国本土人气美妆护肤品牌!


结果买着买着, 变成了Beauty Cottage的会员╮(╯◇╰)╭ 

可以称得上是泰国版的etude house有过之而无不足
 我们去的是 Central world分店。不知道是不是最大的,但是这家很好逛,也很好买!

整个装潢就是很 法式复古浪漫古典典雅田园 的风格!

 旁边放着的购物篮也好  哦~~~~~~ 
这应该是本期推介 的牛奶护肤系列~
 小小的花仙子穿着 格纹整个就是超级  古典!

 当当!这次的任务就是要买他们家的 蜜粉!
据说 超持妆 ! ~~ 所以毫无疑问,就买了~
下回分享 战利品再写文好了!
 这些化妆刷也不贵!本来想买几支的但考量到 才第二天,别花得太过火的好


除了蜜粉,在他们家满500额 还拿了一个免费的 眼影 哈哈~

“你真的敢用这些哦? 不觉得。。怪怪的吗?会不会是劣质品?”

这个牌子竟然是以natural,paraben free, no animal testing为标号的!
等我试用后才决定 这个东东 有没有分享的价值!=)


它们家的 乳液,护手霜,沐浴乳什么东西都 超香!!

这个是他们近期推出的 victoria romance香水/香膏系列
去泰国前我不小心看到花猴 的文,推了这个系列粉色的香水!
花猴说 它很像  chloe的香水~~

后记:买了两条护手霜,一条送人一条自己留着~已经开来用了,味道真的超级无敌香 ♥ ~~真的很chloe ! 买到真的赚到了!而且价格不贵!165baht。好后悔没多买两条。

(会因为包装太美舍不得打开的女生  请和我一同举手!!)


在这里真的会情不自禁。。。钞票就一张张自己溜走了\("▔□▔)/ 舉手投降

而且最重要的是 产品都不贵! 

这么漂亮的购物袋!送给朋友后她都告诉我 ‘这袋子我要收藏!’ 哈哈哈~ 

 如果想要逛Beauty Cottage,真心推荐到Central world分店。
terminal21 店面小,店员也不友善没耐心!

下篇 想看战利品 还是 美食篇??